About Shine in Spanish

Spanish Teacher, Shine in SpanishBeatriz: ‘the greatest satisfaction is to share with students their quest for improvement, to realise their rapid progress and experiencing the great friendship that is created in the class.’

Shine in Spanish is born as a result of motivation on the part of its designer Beatriz Martin, to create a language immersion project , with a great deal of optimism and in one of the best places in Spain. This approach aims to offer the opportunity to immerse yourself into Spanish culture and life, making the most of the experience.

Beatriz, backed by a wealth of experience and professionalism as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) in a major language school in London and as a private teacher, shows great empathy, which creates a natural atmosphere with students and much enthusiasm, which is contagious to students and fosters the perfect environment for learning. View testimonials from students.

Why choose Shine in Spanish?

Because our goal is to make you enjoy learning Spanish and immerse yourself into Spanish life and culture. This is because the success of Shine in Spanish is directly dependent on the satisfaction of each of our students and their upgrading process in Spanish. For Shine in Spanish, it is important to offer your customers exactly what they need.

Shine in Spanish offers communicative lessons which are very interactive, where the variety of resources, videos, activities, games and ideas used in class, surprise you and encourage your participation , making you speak from the start.

Main advantages:

  • Proven professionalism.
  • Fully personalized and friendly treatment.
  • Perfect, relaxed and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Fully flexible. You decide where, when, how often , etc.Your course begins and ends when you decide.
  • No registration is required.
  • Excellent location.

Does it sound good to you? Call us and book your course. Or if you prefer, take a look at our courses catalogue.