October, great time to learn a language.

October,great time to learn a language. Get a 5% discount in Spanish lessons
Why to take Spanish lessons in October? Appropiate time and special offer are two good reasons to start or resume your Spanish lessons.

Autunn is always a good time to set our annual calendar and adquire new skills. After summer time, we are ready to get involve in new projects and become more proactive.

And learning a language is one of the most often chosen options, and it is not a coincidence. It is true you must study, and it requires a deep effort from you. However, if you always remember what ALBERT EINSTEIN said: ‘Never consider the study as a duty, but as an opportunity to enter the beautiful and wonderful world of learning’, you will enjoy your learning process and get excellent results. An at the end, it will make you feel very satisfied.

It is very motivating to be able to understand how a language works, because it not just this. When learning a language comes, your mind is totaly open, so new conexions are made in your brain, therefore you adquire new ways of thinking which will be a great benefit you can use in any context of your life, without including the satisfaction of communicate in an other language with foreign people. Such a gratifying experience!

What you must be aware of is to choose a professional Teacher who will address you in the right way and make you as comfortable as you will enjoy each step of your learning process.

Don’t hesitate and contact me, I will be pleased to explain the methods I use, its efficiency, blocks of lessons, prices and any doubt you have.

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