Benefits of language exchanges

In order to master a foreign language, the student or speaker requires training in the acquisition of four essential language skills : listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Through conversation exchanges with different native speakers, areas of language acquisition, such as vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills, are fully practised , encouraging a mutual discovery of the richness and nuances of the culture of conversation, of how everyone’s language is related to their own cultures ,of what the key to communication is!

Useful and informal expressions, different ways of expressing ideas, native speaker’slang and accent, and everyday language are learned. You will have the opportunity to get to know people of that culture, with their own social customs , their sense of humour and values , increasing the chances of fluid communication and mutual understanding ,and therefore, helping to build closer relations of friendship, cooperation, trade, etc.
Furthermore, students or speakers will no longer fear having to speak in a foreign language. In building up their confidence and personal development, the language exchange makes it possible for the students to relate closely and easily to people from other cultures.

If you like languages and learning from other coultures, don’t hesitate! language exchanges will be a very rewarding experience.

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