Learning Spanish 2019

What will be your New Year’s Resolution for 2019? Is learning Spanish in Marbella part of it?   So, you are in the right place ; ) If you want to learn Spanish or improve your level and you don’t feel like joining tthe classic group in a language school; if you prefer to learn […]

Spanish intensive course for children

SPANISH INTENSIVE COURSE FOR CHILDREN Looking for a Spanish intensive course for your kids this summer in Marbella? Take a look at our Spanish summer camp which takes place in the mornings. These are what make us different: Very small groups (personalized treatment) Proven professionalism with Qualified Spanish Teachers Learning by doing Friendly treatment. Inspiring […]

A typical day at the Spanish Camp Marbella

A typical day at the Spanish Camp Marbella: If you want to have a better picture of a typical day in our Spanish Camp Marbella, find below an example: From 9.30 to 10.45am: A combination of speaking activities in order to introduce and practise Spanish vocabulary and structures in a context (example, talking about plans, […]

Spanish Summer Camp Marbella

Looking for a summer kids activity in Marbella where they could improve their Spanish while they are having fun? Shine in Spanish offers you ‘Spanish Summer Camp Marbella’ which makes children to get motivated and enjoy, playing with other kids in a laid-back atmosphere. It is a fun way to be inmmerse into the Spanish […]

Benefits of language exchanges

In order to master a foreign language, the student or speaker requires training in the acquisition of four essential language skills : listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through conversation exchanges with different native speakers, areas of language acquisition, such as vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills, are fully practised , encouraging a mutual discovery of the […]

Spanish intensive course in July

New  Spanish intensive course in July. FORGET THE CLASSIC LESSONS AND CLASSROOMS! We offer innovative Spanish lessons in Marbella this summer. Our Teacher knows how to stimulate your Spanish with interactive lessons and a natural atmosphere. You will be practising from day 1, every day, either indoors or outdoors. Enjoy Marbella’s life this summer with us and […]

Tips to remember new vocabulary

How can you remember new vocabulary? I can’t remember that word… What is it called? Does it sound familiar to you? There is not a single foreign language student who has not struggled when remembering new vocabulary comes. We all think: ‘I am just not good at memorising’, and we keep making long vocabulary lists which actually, […]