Spanish Immersion with teacher

Spanish immersion with TeacherDo you want to make the most of your stay in Spain, while rapidly improving your Spanish ? Our immersion programme with teacher is an ideal choice for people who have little time to study the language and want to immerse themselves for a short period, not only in language but in everything around them.

With this Spanish immersion with Teacher programme, you will have the opportunity to combine private lessons tailored to your pace and needs, with the experience of living in the vicinity of the teacher, learning from Spaniards and learning their ways.

When living together, the student is in the perfect environment to put into practice what they have learned. In addition, this enables the teacher to identify coexistence both the student’s abilities as the real needs and motivations.

As a result, we have the perfect formula to get an excellent outcome: motivated student + constant Spanish exposure + continuous learning practice = success.

Our Spanish immersion with Teacher programmes are short intensive courses with 30 hours of Spanish a week, which includes 15 hour lectures, as well as several cultural activities in and around Marbella, which will make student enjoy Spanish food and culture. This course is customizable according to the profile and needs of the student. It is a course tailored to each student.

The student will stay at Teacher’s home, at one of our host families’ homes or partner hotels. Depending on customer requirements and availabilities.

Available for all levels (A1 to C2).

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And if you have a residence in Marbella, our intensive or long duration courses might be interesting to you.