Learning Spanish 2019

aprender español 2019

What will be your New Year’s Resolution for 2019?

Is learning Spanish in Marbella part of it?


So, you are in the right place ; )

If you want to learn Spanish or improve your level and you don’t feel like joining tthe classic group in a language school; if you prefer to learn on your own pace with a relax and close atmosphere, don’t hesitate to contacte me.

Tailored made lessons to each student, because we don´t learn in the same way neither have the same goals.

So, find here some recommendations:

  1. Determine the projects which you will wish to focus this year on
  2. Determine what goals you wish to reach.
  3. Make sure you plan and acquire the resources you need to get them.
  4. Enjoy your new trip, all the way while you are learning.
  5. Be aware that every learning process requires effort. That is the key that in the end will be so rewarding.
  6. Review and redefine in your case, the objectives primarily raised.
  7. Be proud of yourself and continue to enjoy your projects.