small group Spanish lessons for children

Small group Spanish lessons for children from OCTOBER.

If you prefer your kid to interact with other students while he/she is practising his/her Spanish, but you want your kid to get involved and not to be forgotten on his/her desk, this small group Spanish lessons for children suits you perfectly.

Get the best of the one to one lessons as well as the benefits of working with others. In a friendly and attractive atmosphere, children are provided with the tools that enable them to interact both with the Teacher and the classmates, helping them to brush up on their Spanish in a fun environment.

The idea is using a wide range of resources and materials in order to surprise the children and making them to associate Spanish with enjoyable and fun stuffs.

The classroom is based in Marbella,


Good location in the centre of Marbella, with a public car park at the same street.
Either 1 or 2 sessions per week.
Maximum 5 students
At least 3 students are required.

Price per student
4 lessons per month = 40 euros/ month
8 lessons per month = 65 euros/month

Does it sound good to you? Contact me for futher information.

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