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Spanish in company training. Shine in Spanish

These courses are required by the organization to take place in the workplace, and are aimed at all professionals who, having sufficient language proficiency in Spanish to get by in everyday situations, are interested in acquiring the basic tools for proper communication in more specific situations in the business world .

This Spanish in company training provides access to specific topics and vocabulary to communicate in everyday business situations such as negotiations, presentations, phone calls, meetings, interviews, etc. .

The organization decides on group size, availability, specific needs and the training program objectives. With this information, and together with an assessment of the level of the employees’ Spanish, we analyze this information and recommends the course best suited to the organization.

The method followed in this type of course is a communicative approach, mainly based on the simulation of real situations and different types of interaction between teacher and group members, introducing vocabulary and grammar in context through activities that facilitate learning.

The teacher constantly monitors the progress of students, preparing periodic reports.

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