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tailor made course. Shine in Spanish

Our tailor made courses are to meet specific individual or group needs. Courses can be of any length at any time of year and time of day. Apart from the actual Spanish course, Our Spanish language school gives you the possibility to combine Spanish lessons with other activities that focus on your special interests, such as golf, paddle surf, flamenco, painting, tennis.

Practicing those activities that you love, while using Spanish naturally, is the best way to improve because what you learn in this way, while you are associating ideas, will be easier to remember. Therefore,  your understanding and communication skills will improve substantially and without realizing it, you will notice how your level of Spanish has progressed rapidly.

Depending on your interests, level, availability and requirements, Shine in Spanish gives you the Spanish course that best suits your needs.

Take a look at some of our courses below:

Spanish + Flamenco:10 Spanish lessons per week + 2 flamenco introduction classes10 Spanish lessons per week + 2 classes flamenco choreography

Flamenco Classes are held in a dance school located in the center of Marbella; a dancer with over 20 years of experience will make you enjoy this wonderful art, teaching you the basic steps, techinque or choreography for those people who already have knowledge of flamenco.

The number of hours of both Spanish and flamenco, is variable depending on the student’s needs and level.

Spanish + Golf:

10 Spanish lessons per week + 2 private golf lessons

10 Spanish lessons per week + 5 private golf lessons

15 Spanish lessons per week +  Course 9 holes (2 hours, with a professional)

The golf classes are given by professionals with extensive experience, in superb facilities where you can enjoy wonderful views, hard to match. The material is included in the course.

The number of hours of both Spanish and golf, varies depending on the student’s needs.

And if you spend long periods in Marbella and often play golf, we have a monthly bonus at a very special price. Contact us and we will inform you.

Spanish+ Paddle surf: 

10 Spanish lessons per week + 2 paddle surf classes

The Marbella weather conditions are suitable for the practice of this popular water activity. If you want to get in contact with nature, and enjoy the wonderful views from the sea, while keeping fit, our stand up paddle surf teachers will help you to make the most of it.

The material is included in the course.

We also organice group tours, with a well-deserved stop at a beach bar for a refreshing drink. For more information, contact us.

We also offer other activities as pilates, zumba, padel, tennis, painting, etc. Check the activities we suggest to you.

Or, if you’re interested in other activities, contact us and we’ll inform you.

Check here the prices of some of our courses.

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