Spanish for kids

spanish-for-kidsMake your children have fun while they learn Spanish with our Spanish for kids program. Forget the old school, endless vocabulary lists, traditional texbooks and working individually. The idea is kids to learn by doing what they like to do, PLAYING and TALKING with other kids.

In this way, they feel Spanish language is very useful in their lives and they associate Spanish with good moments, so their learning process is highly effective.

The key is making them to be exposed to Spanish language in a wide range of ways, by speaking, listening, singing Spanish songs, playing games, watching either short films or their favorite series, and always with a language target involved.  Each lesson is planned carefully with aims, relevant grammar and vocabulary points, and interesting topics depending on the students’ age, so children find them useful. In addition, Spanish for kids program takes into account that each child has different tastes and motivations, therefore, adapts each lesson to each kid or group.

Because kids don’t learn as adults, because they don’t question about grammar rules and how to use the language, becuase they learn by listening, practising and repetition, the most effective way is to make them learning in a natural way.

Showing them the traditional Spanish games, surprising them with innovatives ideas and making them be creative are the guide of our program. Don’t hesitate, our Spanish for Kids program is a great learning way for any kind of child.

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