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Testimonios de nuestros alumnos


testimonio estudiante español“I had a really enjoyable time learning Spanish with Bea. She is a wonderful teacher; both encouraging and sympathetic to our varying levels of learning. Aside from her enthusiasm and understanding patience, Beatriz supplemented our class learning with additional materials such as handouts and CDs, which I’ve found invaluable for improving. I feel I’ve now a great platform to furthering my Spanish skills and look forward to continuing in the future.”

Rachel Blunstone, English. Spanish level A2.


Estudiante-espanol-SallyInitially I asked for lessons because I was working in Madrid for several months, however I enjoyed the lessons so much that I continued with them after my overseas assignment finished. She has been a brilliant teacher and has taken great care to tailor the lessons to my needs. For example she initially taught me basic business Spanish which was incredibly useful, then as our lessons progressed, we moved onto different topics and more complex grammar.It has been a real pleasure to have been taught by her and it has been rewarding to feel my comprehension grow.

Sally Middleton, English. Spanish level A1


Estudiante-espanol-Olena.jp”Bea is a great teacher with an ability to identify the areas for development/learning and develop a customised programme for each individual’s learning. She is a teacher who can make learning the grammar real fun (very rare skill). I have had an opportunity to be taught by her in a group as well as one-to-one. One-to-one lessons were particularly useful for making a speedy progress. Beatriz has a real gift of teaching and definitely really enjoys it as well as making every lesson enjoyable. I was looking forward to each lesson with her. If you want to speak Spanish – Bea is the best teacher who can help you to achieve this goal.”

Olena Clayton, Ukrainian. Spanish level B2


Estudiante-espanol-Hina.jpgThe classes with Bea are super friendly. Beatriz is a wonderful teacher. The classes offer a broad variety of material with interactive activities and in-depth detail. The classes are easy, personal and professional. I always feel comfortable and motivated to learn more. Bea teaches you the language but also a lot about the culture of Spain. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Bea and my progress is unbelievable.

Hina, English. Spanish level A2.